Vincent Murasame


Vincent Murasamé

Hi everyone !

Although I haven't really started to advertise for its release, my second LP is on the way...

Apart from that ? Well, nothing to sale but I might have something to share if you are interested in brilliant young artists (young ? brilliant ? Who's that ?) or are you ?

I'm planning some day to conquer the internet and steal the show, but till that day comes, I'll just be happy to share a few demos with whoever may be interested in listening to them.

Happy dowloads ! Take care... and leave the rest to me !


Anything new ? Let's think about it !

2016-08-27: Thinking about having a "responsive" website just for the sake of it but at the same time, I quite like how this one looks.

Happy New Year's Eve

2013-12-31: I wish you all a happy New year's Eve ! Be 2014 a better year...

Le Dièze Fantasique

2013-03-11: My long-time musical partner and friend Aurélie has released her first 'solo' album ! Check it out there !

Some day, one day...

2012-05-03: Well, I haven't been at it for so long now ! Can't say if I'll ever be at it again though I hope I'll have so free time this summer. Wait and see and time will tell !

From .com to .org

2011-02-20: I had to go from one internet provider to another and I am still expecting to recover my original domain name soon. Till then, I'll be here at instead. Cheers

New kick off, new design

2010-09-23: It's been a while really, but I have hardly had any time to get into it. Now driven by the fantastic combo PHP/MySQL, the site is definitely marching into a new era. Now wait and see about the music...

You take my breath away...

2009-03-08: Well, this time I'd like to share a prerelease of my new cover. It's a classic Queen song called You take my breath away. Although far from being finished, I still hope you'll like it as much as I like the original.

Sabby is back in style !

2008-08-26: A tune 'Sabby' had in mind for quite some time, we finally recorded it over 2 studio sessions... Here is 'I'm the east, you're the west'. Also find this rocky little number in the teamwork section. Enjoy !